My Runs app


I’m not a fan of running with other people, but after a while my motivation just dries up for going out and running alone. I’d been using Nike’s running app, which is great for showing past runs’ distances and routes, but it has a lot of other noise on the app which didn’t interest me. Also, when I got a new phone, my Nike app had so many bugs, and ended up only telling me my distance.


Getting excited about running

I needed to be able to see all my past runs, and their distances, in order to feel proud and motivated to do more running! I also wanted to make it more personal and fun.

The Nike app - too much going on, but I loved this simple list of my runs, which included distance, pace, and duration.


Listing my past runs in a fun way

This was a very simple app design – I needed a landing page which showcased all my past runs in a card list (showing an image, the date and the distance), and the option to add a newly completed run. I envisioned it being like my own personal Instagram for running :) I wanted to be able to scroll down effortlessly and look at all my previous running pics and info. I used Adalo for the wireframes and basic build.


When adding a newly completed run, the form fields were: Name (the specific route or area), Date & Time, Distance (I would use my Nike app alongside with this one) and Image (upload). After using the app for a while, I eventually added a field for “Wisdoms”. These could be any thoughts I had during the run, emotions I was dealing with, epiphanies, ideas, or just a reflection I wanted to add to the run. This made it feel more personal, and more of a mindfulness practice, which I really enjoyed.

Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 10.34.28.png

Using the success of Instagram’s photo-centric platform, I made my images quite big on the landing page. I wanted them to be the hero of the runs, and I knew that this would be my big motivator – I often go running in the mountain, so grabbing an epic pic on the trail would be enough to excite me into putting on my trail shoes in the morning! :)


Finding what's important

At first, I would enter both the date and time, but after a while this became too much of a mission, so I just entered the date. Then I started putting the distance AND duration into the “Distance” box, because I enjoyed seeing my pace and how it improved over time. Then it would also be obvious when I did a fast walk, vs. a proper run.


I never added the option of editing a past run. There were only a few times when I added a run, and then wanted to change some text or the image, but now I’ve gotten used to the fact that I cannot change any mistakes. This definitely makes the experience feel more genuine, sincere and wonderfully imperfect. I can’t obsess over the images I choose, rather just deciding in the moment and accepting that.


10 months later

I’ve really enjoyed using this simple Adalo app. My first listed run was 22 July 2021, and I’m still using it now, in April 2022. It’s like seeing snapshots of my life, but through the lens of my running. I can look back and remember what I was going through at that point, but without too much rumination, because after all – I was running and being outside!


It’s also a kind of companion to me. I’ve maybe added five runs in total that I did with other people, and the rest are just solo. Even just scrolling through my past runs bring me a kind of joy, seeing all my past mini adventures, sometimes there’s a coffee involved, sometimes just a wild mountain. It’s me :)

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-20 at 9.38.08 AM.jpeg


Further integration?

The ideal scenario would be to integrate a distance meter / GPS of some sort, so that I can ditch the Nike app and only use one app. But on the other hand, what I like about this app is that it’s so simple! It doesn’t have distractions, or endless buttons to click on. I can view my past runs, or add a run, and that’s it. It’s a technology detox. At the moment it runs on the web (I add a shortcut to my home screen, so that it looks like a real app), but if it could run without internet, that would be super cool.