Great Dates app


My partner and I can both get quite busy, and because we live together, scheduling a date night isn’t always front of mind – I mean, we’re in each other’s company most nights anyway. But inevitably one of us will eventually feel quite neglected, followed by a (often tearful) discussion, followed by the realization that we need to have special time booked in for the two of us. In other words, we need to prioritize our relationship.


Prioritizing special time

I wanted to create a platform where both of us could add date-night ideas when we felt inspired to do so, and schedule those ideas into a calendar. Both of us could then see what was coming, and be prepare and excited :)


Love takes effort

At first, I built a very simple MVP for this project – a home page with a list of date-night ideas. To add a date-night, you filled in a form with the following fields: Category, The Plan (or idea), Date & Time, and Link (if applicable). For the Category you could choose “Big Adventure”, “Just us 2, going away”, or “Date Night”. This was a hit with my partner, as he loved the variety of the options. We love doing big day hikes, so that was “Big Adventure”. “Just us 2 going away” was a weekend away somewhere in a cottage. “The Plan” could be a loose idea, such as “sushi?”, and if there was a link to a restaurant or event, we could pop it in the link box.

We started using it immediately (after some bug fixes), and it was a lot of fun to see each other’s ideas, and to schedule some cool activities for the future. However, after our first “app date”, we realised it would be great to have an archive of sorts, where we could see the dates we went on, and add a cool pic of the night/adventure.
Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 09.34.36.png

I hope you can see the detail on the above image - it was the biggest screenshot I could manage on my Macbook Pro :)

At this point I also assigned some clip art designs to the three categories. When a date had been scheduled, the “date image” would be the general category image, and once we went on the date, we could replace it with an actual pic we took. This way it was easy to see at a glance what kind of date was coming up – my favourite was the weekend away one :)


We used this MVP for quite a while, and one of the most important discoveries was how often we went on specific dates. We had always wanted to do 2 date nights a month, one weekend away and one big adventure – but life gets in the way. This little app helped us stay on track, reminding us that we hadn’t gone on a date in a month, for example.



Next up: cute notifications

My dream for this app would be to integrate notifications, but unfortunately the functionality isn’t available on the free Adalo. I think that beautiful, quirky notifications will take this to the next level – and help to keep couples accountable to their plans. And of course integrating with Google Calendar, so that any new plan gets added automatically.